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Help the East Longmeadow Dog Obedience Training Club build a Kondo at the annual Kane's Krusade Doghouse Build-Off on November 2, 2013!

We've named our team The Purple "Paw"sse to promote awareness of the senseless animal cruelty and suffering that happens every day. Turning our outrage into action is the only thing that will make a difference for animals. We are their voice!

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About Kane's Krusade and Kane's Kondos:
Too many of our furrends are freezing out in the cold without proper shelter! New England winters can be very long and harsh. When looking for a dog house that could provide the proper level of warmth and security, Kane's Krusade could not find anything adequate on the market, so they designed their own! They're called Kondos because they essentially have two rooms - one is the entrance way and the other room is behind an insulated wind wall. This allows the dog to curl up and retain optimum warmth. Every Kondo is fully insulated, raised off the ground, weather-proof, and stuffed with straw, a natural insulator. They also have a shingled roof that can be opened for cleaning. Kondos are built to last many harsh New England winters!

Kane's Krusade works directly with families in need to provide Canine Assistance, Resources and Empowerment (C.A.R.E.) Kits. Families may be disabled, unemployed, elderly and/or living on a fixed income. All of them love their dogs and are at risk of having to surrender them due to economic reasons. C.A.R.E. Kits are designed to keep loved dogs in their homes and families together, one dog at a time. Kane's Krusade works with families to bring their dogs inside- that's the first priority. However, there are times when a dog cannot live inside, or does not want to live inside, as is the case with some Huskies. If we can't bring the dog inside, we can still improve their quality of life by providing a Kane's Kondo.